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At the Graduate Institute of Innovation, we believe passion produces the best work. Therefore, we’ve built a platform that nurtures passion and encourages the minds of our future to achieve new levels of greatness We are more than a collective of forward-thinking individuals, we are a movement focused on bringing Australia to the forefront of positive change.

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Statistics show that one-in-three young Australian university graduates do not find work in their chosen area of study, and one-in-five lose hope in ever having a career they can be passionate about. The Graduate Institute of Innovation is a future-driven platform built for tertiary education graduates to work and thrive. With an increase in the industry-relevant unemployment rate for graduates, we aim to create prospects by giving young Australians a job that will turn into a career where they can change the world for the better. By nurturing an individual's passion, we can encourage the minds of our future to achieve greatness.

About Us


The idea of going somewhere where you aspire to belong, innovate, and achieve world-changing feats. A workplace that is inviting and affords opportunities to collaborate with modern, outside-the-box, thinking individuals.

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Interested in going straight from study to industry? Apply now and bridge the gap between innovative ideas and their impact on the market; the future depends on it. All you need to bring on board is your own novel project, even if it's one you started at university!


Over a period of two years, you will have the opportunity to develop your project your way (and get paid for it!). You will have access to our facilities, mentors, and resources, giving you the best chance of success in your area of interest.


Bring your idea to the world stage!

Our Contribution

With positive change at the forefront of everything we do, we have aligned with a company that shares the same goals. A Cause For Good (ACFG) aims to improve quality of life with innovative health solutions whilst affording new opportunities for the future. A cycle of positive change. GIOI's innovations ultimately become products that fuel ACFG, and 100% of profits made from their sales go towards supporting the investment of future applicants and the development of ground-breaking concepts at GIOI.

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Do you hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a progressive field of interest? Are you open to instruction, but also have the capacity for self-driven creativity? Do you have a positive attitude?

If you've left your place of study feeling unfinished and ready to continue work on a project you believe had the potential to make a difference, join us at GIOI for a place where future-driven individuals can collaborate and achieve big things. Some fields of interest can include Immunology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nutraceuticals, Neurology, Dermatology, Epidemiology, Preventative Medicines, Sports Nutrition, Genomics, Robotics/Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, or any other area of study you feel can make a contribution - all sectors of industry can be innovative!

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